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I hope you enjoy this new website. Most of what was on the old one is still here, so you can find plenty of information about books I’ve written and books I’ve written with other people.  Just follow the links at the top or at the side.

I have a blog about education, trees, music, cycling and assorted other things. It’s called As in the Long Ago.  I’m also writing a blog about my trip around the North Sea last year by bicycle.  It’s called North Sea Summer.  Please take a look.

FAQ: Where can I find your books?

book - 1 (4)I’m always a little surprised when people ask me where they can find my books.  Here is my answer.  The best place is a BOOKSHOP, but they will have to order the book for you. 184,000 books were published in the UK in 2011.  (Source:UNESCO)  This means that, with rare exceptions, books don’t sit around in bookshops for long.  Last month’s books get replaced with this month’s new publications and, unless you suddenly become famous, your books will probably have disappeared from the shelves entirely a year later.

Most of my fiction books are still available, and if you can’t manage to get to your local bookshop you can find them on various online retailers.  You know who they are.  And you can get them secondhand on Abebooks, too.  Most are also available as Kindle books.  You can get them from the library as well, if you still have one nearby, and I’d love it if you did because I get 6p every time you borrow one.  It doesn’t sound like much, but if 1000 of you borrowed one of my books I’d get £60.  That would be great!  I could go out and buy some books.