About the Author . . .

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That’s me.  I am the Author.  I wrote all of this stuff.  I was about four years old in the black-and-white picture.  I look a bit different now.  

I was born in London in January 1953.  Later that year Queen Elizabeth II was crowned, and Tenzing and Hillary climbed Mount Everest.  The year after that I took my first steps.  It was a time when great events just kept on happening.   

 When I was seven I wrote a novel about spacemen in an old exercise book.  So you could say that it took me 36 years to get my first book published.  Before that happened I worked as a silversmith, learned to play the guitar and the banjo, ran a playgroup, rode my bicycle all over Great Britain and taught in several schools.  I also got married and had two children called Emily and Thomas.  Emily did most of the drawings on this website.

elli mountSadly, my wife died in 2003.  Her name was Ellie and this is what she looked like.

Like me, Ellie liked riding her bicycle and climbing mountains. She also liked baking and finding out about things.  She was very bad at telling jokes.

There’s plenty more to find out about on the rest of the site. When you visit the books pages you’ll see that I’ve explained a bit about how I got the idea for each of my books.  People always ask about that.

 If you have any questions or good ideas for making this website better, please email me.