At the Top of the World

I was born in the year that Tenzing and Hillary climbed Mt Everest. Did I mention that somewhere else? I think maybe that’s why I like going to the tops of mountains so much, especially Scottish mountains.

When I write a book like this I like to do a lot of reading first. You can easily find some of the books I read in charity shops or secondhand book shops, and they don’t cost much either. The most useful of these to me was Man of Everest by Tenzing Norgay. The publishers wanted me to tell the story of the first ascent of Everest, or Chomolungma, as Tenzing would have called it, from the point of view of Tenzing. I thought it was wonderful that, as a small boy, Tenzing had seen the mountain in the distance and decided he wanted to climb it. I also liked the fact that he buried sweets on the top of the mountain as a gift to the goddess who lives there. She has an even longer name than the mountain – Miyolangsangma.