Cars was the first non-fiction book I wrote. It was an odd subject for me to write about because I much prefer bicycles. You can probably work that out from reading the book. I enjoyed the challenge of getting a lot of information into a very few words and making it into a kind of story at the same time. I also found out a lot of things I didn’t know about cars.

The Mini in the picture was blue and rusty. All of Emily’s friends thought I drove too fast and she says they were scared to come in the car. The thing about a Mini is that it is very low down and that make it seem as if you are going very fast. Also you are very close to the engine and it can be quite noisy.

There’s another thing about Minis. If the road is even ever so slightly wet the water gets in through the radiator grille and makes the electrical bit of the car stop working. Then the car stops and you have to get out and spray the engine with WD40. I prefer modern cars!