I have a theory that almost every house in Great Britain has an image of an elephant in it somewhere. The elephants in this picture were on my mantelpiece when I lived in Norfolk. Now they’re on the desk where I write.  They’re made from a wood called ebony and they’re quite old. They only have one tusk left between the two of them.

People love elephants but, sadly, the world is running out of space for elephants to live in. In many parts of Africa elephants and people find it hard to get along together. People need land to grow food on to feed their families.

So, elephants are in danger. And the worst danger comes from ivory hunters, and from the people who buy the ivory. An ivory hunter will shoot an elephant and hack its tusks from its face, then leave the elephant’s body to rot. So please don’t ever buy ivory. As long as people keep buying it elephants will continue to die. You can learn more about elephants at this website: http://elephant.elehost.com/index.html